FILTER PUMP, Keating, 008419, 262816

Keating, Broaster, Prince Castle, Dean, Frymaster, BKI (Barbeque King), Magikitch'N, Pitco

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Manufacturer Part Number:
008419, 09273, 105-45, 105-77, 1726-1, 17261, 5E5FF20CECF1, 5E5FF20CECF1 (HAIGHT), 810-2252, 810-2393, 8102252, 8102393, 8419, FM1726-1, FM17261, FM5E5FF20CECF1, FM810-2252, FM810-2393, FM8102252, FM8102393, P0070, PC105-45,
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PUMP, 5 GPM;4-3/4" WIDE, 1/2" FPT WITH PLASTIC PLUGS, PTO IS FLAT, FOR;MOTOR & PUMP USE M312,MB-138, # 681142.;DEAN;FRYER MF-90/65, MF-90A/65, MF-90/(80,110,126,160,172);MF-90A/(80,110,126,160,172)& MF-90U/80BK WITH S/N ENDING;WITH HC OR HCH, MF-90-BI(12,14,18,20).;KEATING FRYER MODEL?;PITCO FRYER 18-2WKS, 24-RUFM, AG14, AG14S, F14RS(1985 &;LATER), SF50, ME14, ME2, MEII, MG14S, SEH50, SGH50 ;PRINCE CASTLE FRYER SERIES: 99, 102, 105, 107,108, 499.


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