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PROXIMITY ACTUATOR MAGNETIC 3/4" X 1-1/8" for Pitco Fryer Model AG14S 421489


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PROXIMITY SWITCH ACTUATOR, ( MAGNETIC );3/4" X 1-1/8" , 5/8" SLOT MT CTRS, HAMLIN;PITCO FRYER MODEL AG14S, LJ-FBG18, LJ-FBG24, LJ-FBGD18,;LJ-FBGD24,;ME14, ME2, MEII, MG14S, SE14, SE147, SE148X, SE14R, SE14T,;SE14TR, SE14TX, SE14X, SE18, SE18R, SE18S, SE714, SEBNB14,;SEBNB18, SEH50, SFSE14, SFSE14R, SFSE14T, SFSE14TR,;SFSE14TX, SFSE14X, SFSE18, SFSE18R, SG14, SG14DI, SG14R,;SG14RDI, SG14RS, SG14S-D, SG14T, SG14TDI, SG18, SG18DI,;SG18F, SG18S, SG18S-D, SGC, SGH50, SGM1824, SGM24, SGM34,;SGSEBNB-14, SGSEBNB-18, SSH55, SSH60, SSH75, TurboFry 2000

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